Brands Available


Enjoy one of our more than 250 selections of beer and malt coolers made around the world. New to our beer vendor is a variety of over 30 liquor coolers, sure to satisfy everyones tastes.

The Keystone Beer Company features the most popular and even some of the most exotic beer and coolers available in Western Canada

Travel around the world with brands like Guiness, Budweiser, Corona or Sapporo or try one of our homegrown brews like Fort Garry, Moosehead, Wheat Ale, Warthog, Poppers Cranberry Ice Malt Cooler or Keystone and Keystone Light.




Labatt Breweries of Canada has been shaped by close to 170 years of brewing excellence and commitment to the communities where it operates.





With more than 350 years of combined brewing heritage, we're more passionate than ever about making great beer.



Fort Garry

Established in 1930, our recipes and brewing techniques are a time honoured tradition that have been passed down through the generations.



Half Pints

Quality not Quantity. After 10 years, we’re still here flying the flag of independent craft beer in Winnipeg.





Big Rock

Taking the path of most resistance is a trait that endures at Big Rock to this day - we don't tolerate compromise in any of our beers and refuse to take shortcuts with their brewing or ingredients.



Minhas Creek

Minhas Micro Brewery - Innovative Calgary Brewery Making Legendary Canadian Beer.




Great Western

We will continue to produce world class beer for our Western Canadian customers. That will never change.





Come check out our wide selection of popular coolers, including Palm Bay, Smirnoff and Mike's!